About "Tokyoburari"

"burari" means "Being without any purpose" in Japanese Tokyo is the capital city in Japan. You may already know about another several downtown in Japan like Shinjuku, Shibuya, Asakusa and Akihabara.

However, there still exists Japanese ancient streets and landscapes when you choose one other street in such towns

In this channel, looking for The landscape we, Japanese, haven't seen yet with Sanponin (a person who take a walk with us) and introduce you the beautiful town in Tokyo.

Guess, what kind of spot you can see! You'll be able to find a new spot. "Let's walk the Tokyo!" with Sanponin!


“ぶらり”(burari)とは、日本語で「目的や当てもないまま」という意味です。 日本の首都、東京。新宿、渋谷、浅草、秋葉原など外国の皆さんもすでにご存知の街も数-多くあるのではないでしょうか?しかし、そんな街にもひとつ道を入れば日本の情緒溢れ-る町並みや風景が数多く残っています。


散歩人とともに「Let`s walk the Tokyo!」



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